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Tekkit Lite Updated to 0.6.4

Tekkit Lite 0.6.4, the final Tekkit Lite update for 1.4.7, has been promoted to recommended in the launcher. Read More

Big Dig Has Been Removed From the Platform

Hello, this is your friendly reminder that Big Dig is transitioning to become an official Technic modpack. Today, we moved along that transition by removing Big Dig from the searchable list of Platform modpacks... Read More

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The Technic Platform is here to make your life easier as a modpack creator. From keeping your players up to date with your servers mods or making a fun private pack for your friends, the platform has you covered.

Wondering how to get started? We have several resources you can visit below to help you learn the system and start using it to its full potential. Dive in!

These resources should be enough to get you on your feet. If you are looking for more guidance you can always ask the community on our forums or join us in IRC at #technic.

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